October favorites


Conde Nast Traveler - 2016 Readers' Travel Awards

I have been a long time reader of Condé Nast Traveler and was very excited to pick up this special edition issue. Every year, Condé Nast publishes an issue centered around showcasing their readers top rated travel destinations, and experiences. According to their website, a record breaking 300,000 travelers helped curate this issue. Make sure to check out the piece titled “Game Face”, starting on pg. 126, featuring The Gerewol festival in Chad, Africa.

Drift - Volume 4: Stockholm

I’m a sucker for all things coffee related and this magazine is devoted to it one city at a time. Not only does it cover one of my favorite beverages, it is also cleverly designed. In my opinion, Drift is less like a magazine and more like a ‘coffee’ table book.. I think that’s the point, right? It feels good in your hands and is something I want to keep looking at. My only issue with this magazine is that the cover is in grayscale. Considering every image inside the book is in color, I don’t see how the grayscale cover is showing cohesiveness. Regardless, Drift helped me get through three straight days of Jury Duty this week so I am forever thankful!

Oak StreetNo. 05 The Los Angeles Issue

“Oak Street is the magazine for self-starters and creative professionals. It explores the the intersection between work, culture, and community.“ Oak Street is beautifully created by the clothing brand Frank + Oak. The issue I am featuring is titled ‘No. 05 The Los Angeles Issue’, with features including Vans at 50, Chromeo, Dr. Woo, Hamish Robertson, Alex Olson, Nicole Rucker, and Moby. When I first saw this issue, I was curious why Oak Street decided to transition from general topics like its previous issues titled “The progress issue” or “The Community Issue” and focus on one location, LA. After reading the Editor’s Note written by Editorial Director, Sachin Bhola, I was happy to discover the reasoning behind this transition. Overall, the issue beautiful construction felt effortless and I look forward to reading No. 06. Crossing my figures that their next issue continues this trend and is grounded to a particular location.

Icon Panorama  - N.29

While browsing Casa Magazines in Manhattan earlier this month, I picked up this gem without even opening it. Not only is this issue a month out of date, but it is also written in Italian. I didn’t realize this at first because I was too busy going crazy over the photography, layout designs, and the super talented cover model/actor, Daniel Brühl. So if you can read Italian or are looking for some eye candy, this issue is for you.



Footwear - Greats - The Rosen

Earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to try out shoes created by Greats. Being that I am a bit of a shoe hoarder, I couldn’t say no. This particular shoe style, The Rosen, is a winner. It’s considered an upscale take on the classic running shoe, i.e. it’s casual and super comfortable to walk. I got mine in black, but was super tempted to get the Cargo Green. Which color is your favorite?

Outwewear - Kent and Curwen

I spend most of the work week at MLB in their photo studio which is above Chelsea Market in Manhattan. Occasionally, there are really great sample sales held by ‘PRIVE Designer Sales’ on the first floor. Earlier this month, I walked into the sample sale and was first introduced to the British style brand Kent and Curwen. I pulled out my phone and started doing some research on the brand. There were two main factors as to why I purchased this jacket. One being that it was on sale for $60 when it was most likely over $400 originally.. And two, David Beckham and Daniel Kearns are the new collaborators for the brand. Due to the fact that the website is currently under construction, and that this jacket was a sample, I was unable to find a direct link or exact price, sorry! Regardless, you should still follow their Instagram and check their website periodically for when it goes live.

Accessories - Apple Watch - Series 2

The decision to get an Apple Watch was a difficult one for me. I don’t know about you, but I hate anything that touches my wrists. Long sleeve shirts, light jackets, and sweaters must be rolled up above my elbows. Snowing outside, sleeves rolled up. So the idea of a normal watch has never sparked my interest; however, a smartwatch is a different story. If you’re an apple enthusiast like myself, you probably have all of your accounts synced to your multiple apple devices. I loved the idea of minimizing the time spent struggling to pull out my phone from my pocket and staring at my phone to read an unnecessary email or text. If seated, which I usually am while retouching, the watch reminds you to stand hourly. Do you know how harmful it is for your eye health to be locked onto a computer monitor for over an hour? So not only are you straining your eyes, but your color accuracy is warped. I’m sure there are a million other reasons as to why an Apple Watch can be useful but in the effort to protect my future as a visual creative, I found this watch worth it.

Food / Drink

Pumpkin spice everything

Sorry, not sorry..


3 Water

At the tail end of September, 3 Water sent me a box of waters to try out. This particular water is infused with electrolytes, pH balanced, and let's not forget.. It’s caffeinated. It managed to replace my morning coffee several times and be extremely hydrating.. so.. I'm genuinely obsessed.