November favorites


Sonos PLAY:5

Earlier this month I was wandering around Manhattan and found myself in front of the Sonos store in SOHO. I decided to go inside because I have been looking for speakers for my studio but have yet to hear any of the Sonos products. The salesperson took me into one of the many room situations to have an authentic audio experience. I was sold on both the PLAY:5 and the PLAYBAR. The PLAY:5 is their medium sized speaker and it sounds crystal clear. Currently it's being used exclusively for music but I do have plans to merge it to my television.


Just by looking at the PLAYBAR, I can tell that Sonos spent a lot of time perfecting it. The PLAYBAR along with all other Sonos products is set up over Wifi and operated through a single app. The nine speakers creates an immersive array of sound that I haven’t heard before. The PLAYBAR constantly encourages me to spend hours discovering what songs should really sound like. My only gripe with this speaker is that it requires a compatible TV to pull the TV’s audio. So... I am waiting on a new TV to fully experience this amazing piece of technology. In the meantime, pairing it with the PLAY: 5 and streaming music sounds amazing!


Philips Sonicare

Since my Birthday was in November, I gifted myself the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush in Black, naturally. I have had it for about 2-3 weeks and feel like my entire life has changed. It came with a really well designed rechargeable travel case. There are 2 different brush heads and 5 different brushing modes to give you a variety of intensity. Also, thank goodness for the set durations, because I can hardly think in the morning and this helps a lot.


Outerwear - Kent and Curwen (yet again..)

Okay first I feel like I have to mention that I definitely do not need another jacket in my life at the moment but I had to couldn’t resist the sale price. This shearling two tone leather jacket retails for $3,495.00… I picked this up on sale for $280. Being that I could only find this piece online here, I imagine that there are only a few out in the world. There are two types of buttery leather on the exterior, a belted collar, and a fully lined warm wool interior. Needless to say, I am ready for a cold NYC winter.

Accessories - Rag and Bone

Finally I have found a pair of matte black leather driving gloves that are comfortable and fit properly. In typical driving glove fashion, these have open knuckles with dot-perforations throughout. 


Me: Do I need this?
Me to me: Buy it.