It has been a long week… I’m still recovering from Tuesday’s upsetting news that a reality star has been voted to be the next U.S. President-elect. This past weekend, I read an article that compared the highly populated protests against Trump currently happening to the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests.

In 2011, while tens of thousands were protesting Wall Street, I was in college living only a few blocks away from the action. I separated myself from all of the upset by focusing on this photo series shown below. All photos were taken with 35mm colorless film. I apologize in advance if this is a somber blog post but I'm not really capable of publishing anything uplifting at the moment and these images are really stuck on my mind. 

“Visitor” is my exploration of the bittersweet moments experienced while spending time with my aunt, Laura, at Terence Cardinal Cooke hospital in Manhattan. These images were taken over a period of five weeks spent visiting my mother’s sister, a former artist who was stricken with the neurodegenerative condition known as Huntington’s disease.

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