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Do you get frustrated with the internet when you have to endure a 30-second commercial to watch a 15 second video? Have you ever questioned why photoshop tends to unexpectedly quit at the worst possible times? Do you wonder why entry level jobs require 5 years of experience? Have you ever asked yourself, “why is this stranger carrying an uncovered cup of coffee next to me on the subway, putting my personal belongings at risk?”.

Well I have no f*cking idea, but welcome to my blog where I’ll try to make things we are confronted with a little less weird.

If you don’t know me personally, let me share some insight into who I am for a hot minute. For starters, my name is Christopher DeMairo [dee-my-ro]. I am a son, brother, boyfriend, photographer, retoucher, Brooklyn resident, design enthusiast, critic, and dog lover. I realized at the age of 16 that I wanted to work in the creative field. I would go to high school on weekdays and intern on the weekends. I went on to study photography at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan while working at my second and third internship. I spent too much time in college trying to get an education from in person courses only to realize that the internet is just as capable, if not more capable, of sharing exactly what I was looking for.

I constantly read through websites, blogs, forums, and tutorials for more education but have yet to find one source for my wide variety of interests. Over the past year, I have yearned to publish content and connect with others about things that I have learned, discovered, and documented. It has only recently come to my attention that a blog would be the best space to facilitate this. I plan to write blog posts on product reviews and tutorials, share general thoughts and opinions, and showcase more casual photography projects and travels.

I have a strong belief in structure and commitment; therefore, blogs will be posted every Monday at 10am EST. As I have said many times; if you can’t stick to a schedule you created, you probably won’t make it very far. Let’s do this!

 Meryl Streep / Death Becomes Her

Meryl Streep / Death Becomes Her


Thank you for reading,
Christopher DeMairo